Soirée™ Hot Pink

MNP / Suntory’s house of brands has a new addition called Soirée™ Hot Pink. This sweet pot plant has bright pink blooms that contrast beautifully with the deep green foliage. It is incredibly hardy and can thrive in outdoor spaces like balconies and gardens for two seasons, from summer until late autumn. Additionally, it’s highly resistant to rain, making it suitable for any climate, from the Mediterranean to the coldest northern European climates.

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Discover the enchanting world of Soirée™, where sweetness meets resilience, and vibrant colours bring a touch of magic to your garden. Each plant has a unique story to tell, crafted with care and dedication. Experience the beauty and elegance of these sweet besties, as they inspire you to create a garden that is both resilient and delightful. Let Soirée™ be your guide on a journey of joy, vibrancy, and everlasting beauty.

Additional information

Registered trademark (brand)


Genus (species)

Catharantus roseus

Licensor / breeder

MNP / Suntory

Introduction (year)


Flower colour


Flower size

4 cm

Earliness of flowering


Flowering period

May – (frost)

Advised pot size

9 – 15 cm

Planting advise

Small pot

Amount of watering


Size (height)

15 cm

Growth vigour


Growth habit


Rooting time

2/3 weeks

Growth temp.

≈18 ºC



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