Soirée™ Pink White Eye

The beauty of the tiny flower is truly remarkable — from the striking white circle that catches the eye to the speck of yellow at its centre. Soirée™ Pink White Eye is a testament to the incredible power of nature and a reminder that even the smallest things can contain the most incredible beauty.


Discover the enchanting world of Soirée™, where sweetness meets resilience, and vibrant colours bring a touch of magic to your garden. Each plant has a unique story, crafted with care and dedication. Experience the beauty and elegance of these sweet besties as they inspire you to create a resilient and delightful garden. Let Soirée™ be your guide on a journey of joy, vibrancy, and everlasting beauty.

Additional information

Genus (species)

Catharantus roseus

Licensor / breeder

MNP / Suntory

Introduction (year)


Flower colour


Flower size

4 cm

Earliness of flowering


Flowering period

May – (frost)

Advised pot size

9 – 15 cm

Planting advise

Small pot

Amount of watering


Size (height)

15 cm

Growth vigour


Growth habit


Rooting time

2/3 weeks

Growth temp.

≈18 ºC



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